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tratamento de tremor em curitiba

Essential Tremor

What is  Essential Tremor?

OEssential TremorIt is the most common type of tremor in existence.

Essential Tremor is a special type of tremor, which appears when the person moves their arms when writing or picking up an object, or even when  keep the limbs still against gravity.


It can start in youth, with a discreet worsening over the years, or after the age of 60, confusing and worrying the patient about the suspicion of Parkinson's disease.

OEssential Tremorcustom be quite different from the tremor of the patient withParkinson's, which is a tremor that appears when the patient has the limbs at rest, relaxed and that usually improves when performing a movement, different from Essential Tremor that worsens with movement or posture.

Differentiation between tremors is not always simple. For this reason, a neurologist specializing in movement disorders is almost always indicated so that the patient can be properly evaluated.

especialista em tremor essencial em curitiba
How   Essential Tremor is diagnosed

Oessential tremor diagnosisit is clinical, this means that it does not require imaging tests or laboratory tests and is done in the medical consultation with the specialist doctor, through the characteristic history and also according to the response to the specific treatment.

Some  laboratory tests are usually necessary to exclude associated causes, such as hormonal changes such as hyperthyroidism, systemic infections, polyneuropathies, among others. 

That is true. But very careful! This is not and can never be a treatment! Even because the effect is extremely transient. And after the effect wears off, in general, the tremor gets worse!!

alcool melhora tremor verdade
Is it true that drinking alcohol improves Essential Tremor?

How Essential Tremor is treated 

melhor neurologista especialista em tremor em curitiba
Oessential tremor treatment  is done through specific drugs, the first choice being non-selective beta blockers such as propranolol.

Other drugs such as Primidone and Phenobarbital, Gabapentin also  are used and can be  very useful.

Like any treatment, doses vary greatly, and  regular monitoring is necessary to determine the adjustment of doses and the need to change medication.


In cases refractory to the usual medications, botulinum toxin can be applied, both in limbs and in cephalic tremor (head tremor).

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