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The patient

The patient is the physician's main objective.

The care in understanding their anguish and problems vai  far beyond their physical health.

It involves understanding their mental and psychological state, the environment in which they live, their beliefs, their family environment and their affective relationships.

It is also essential that the family members understand the disease, as they will be an important pillar in the treatment of these patients.

Simplifying patient care is making it incomplete. Knowing how to see all the complexities of being,  gives the doctor the necessary support to provide comprehensive care to the patient.

neurologia curitiba especialista

The patient with neurological disease is often affected by several symptoms in addition to the disease itself.

Symptoms such as mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, or complaints eventually considered simpler such as constipation or effects associated with the medications used. Thus, every symptom must be reported.

Before going to the consultation, remember to take the exams previously carried out, as well as the medications that you use continuously.

And always remember to follow up properly, as directed by the doctor and written in the prescription or prescription. All treatment is only effective when done correctly!

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