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Migraine triggering factors

Many factors can trigger a migraine attack. They serve as a trigger for the onset of a crisis, which can occur after a few hours or even the next day of contact. Know the main ones and be aware if in your case it also predisposes a crisis to be able to avoid:


  • Fried food (coxinha, kibbeh, fried pastry)

  • Fatty foods (baked pastry, quiches, pies, pizza)

  • Milk and derivatives (cheese, curd)

  • Spiced and frozen foods

  • Some legumes (bell peppers, for example)

  • Chocolate

  • Stimulating drinks (coffee, chimarrão, soft drinks, energy drinks)

  • Alcoholic beverages


  • Exposure to bright light (this could be direct sunlight, computer light, or even cell phone light for extended periods)

  • Exposure to strong smells and odors

  • Climate change

  • Lack of food / Prolonged fasting

  • lack of sleep

  • stress / nervousness

  • Menstrual period

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