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tratamento de dor, batel, curitiba


Pain is the most common complaint in emergency departments around the world.

Dor de cabeça e facial, dor lombar, fibromialgia, neuralgia do trigêmeo, neuralgia pós-herpética, síndromes myofascial  and other unexplained pains, are causes of significant disability and need proper investigation and treatment.
tratamento fibromialgia curitiba
Dor de cabeça
Síndrome miofascial 
Neuralgia do trigêmeo, neuralgia pós-herpética.

Manymedicinesthey are used to prevent and avoid pain crises, reducing the frequency and intensity of these episodes. Anticonvulsant, antidepressant and even antihypertensive medications are recognized as being very effective in prophylaxis of various types of pain. AAcupuncturecan be used in several of these problems, with good effectiveness.


Patients often cannot express their pain through words, and therefore only a specialist is able to understand and treat it correctly.


Traditional medications can be  resolving, but many times only by  through modern techniques such asbotulinum toxinIt isanesthetic blocksis that effective pain control is achieved.

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