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vertigem, tontura, neurologista

Dizziness e vertigo

Many diseases manifest themselves with a feeling of dizziness or vertigo, from momentary episodes of low blood pressure and hypoglycemia, to more important conditions, such as stroke and epilepsy.


Dizzinessit is a subjective feeling of weakness, which can occur due to heart problems, anemia, low blood glucose, etc. It is a more nonspecific symptom and several entities can be related.


Dizziness symptoms are very common complaints related tostressor disorders ofanxiety.

Avertigoit is the sensation of movement, whether of the surrounding space in relation to the body, or of the body in relation to space. This sensation can be rotation or even rocking. This symptom is typical of diseases that affect the vestibular system, and may occur from ear structures (labyrinth) to brain structures.


In vertigo, it is essential that the doctor try to do thediagnosisas accurate as possible, since each disease will have a specific evolution and type of treatment. The form of vertigo, frequency and possible associated symptoms are essential to elucidate the case. Complementary tests such as tomography and MRI do not always help in the diagnosis, being decisive only in specific cases.

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