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Quedas na doença de parkinson

fall prevention

Falls in the elderly age group are very common and can lead to serious complications.

Understanding how to improve the environment to prevent the elderly from falling can help to have fewer problems in the future!

What contributes to falls in the elderly?

Obstacles inside the house that lead the elderly to fall
Many factors can help to have more falls and serve as obstacles for the elderly, and thus should be avoided!
  • Carpets:They must always be avoided. When necessary, opt for rubber mats

  • Center tables: Corner tables are better options. If unavoidable, seek to use fixed and higher tables.

  • Statues and sculptures:Avoid as much as possible even in corners. If really necessary, prefer statues fixed to the ground.

  • Loose wires: Always traps, even in the corners of the house.

  • Stairs and Steps:Try to keep the rooms used at the same level, especially the living room, kitchen and bedroom.If, even so, the house has stairs, remember to always have handrails.

evitando quedas no idoso
Obstacles outside the home that lead the elderly to fall
  • Curb: Big pitfalls, which must be paid attention to whenever the patient leaves the home environment.

  • Holes: Even small natural holes should be a reason for attention. In addition to falls, they can also predispose to orthopedic trauma.

  • Level differences on the street: Even small variations in level can be reasons for falls in patients who already have a change in gait or postural instability.

evitar progressão da doença de parkinson
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