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epilepsia curitiba


Epilepsy it is a neurological disease that occurs in many ways  and does not always involve a characteristic convulsive crisis. They are often fast  and express themselves only in one limb or side of the body. Other times  there is only a fixed gaze, or a movement of the mouth or face. There may also be seizures during sleep, or during periods that are not observed by anyone. 

tratamento de epilepsia em curitiba

In most cases, the cause stems from microscopic alterations in brain functioning, which is why it is very common not to observe alterations in any complementary method and MRI exams Magnetic, Computed Tomography_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ e Electroencephalograms are  totally normal.

In epilepsy, one set of neurons is defective. It may be due to a congenital disease (some disorder already present at birth), or acquired, such as trauma, or even genetic diseases which at a certain age begins to manifest itself.

These defective neurons emit electrical signals capable of causing a part of the body to contract (or the whole body at the same time) or alter consciousness, leading to fainting spells and sudden falls.

Due to such diverse presentations, the treatment also has many options, being an individualized approach is very important so that adequate treatment can be guaranteed for each patient.

ICD 10: g40 epilepsy

Nem sempre o diagnóstico é simples e objetivo. Muitas vezes todos os exames podem dar completamente normal.

Isso acontece pois o distúrbio convulsivo é temporário e exames realizados entre as crises podem vir sem alteração e só dar alterado quando realizados na crise, o que é algo muito difícil de acontecer. Assim, as características da crise podem - ou não- serem suficientes para o diagnóstico.

cid 11: 
8A60 Epilepsy due to structural or metabolic conditions or diseases 
cid 11: 
8A61 Genetic or presumed genetic syndromes expressed primarily as epilepsy 
cid 11:   
8A62 Epileptic encephalopathies 
8A63 Convulsive seizures due to acute causes 
8A64 Single seizure due to remote causes   
8A65 Single unprovoked seizure   
8A66 Status epilepticus  
8A67 Acute repetitive seizures  
8A68 Types of convulsive seizures  
MH15 Sudden death in epilepsy  
KB06 Neonatal seizures 
8A6Y Other specific types of epilepsy or seizures 
8A6Z Epilepsy or unspecified seizures 
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