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Neurologista, desmaio


OFainting (syncope)it is the rapid and sudden loss of consciousness, usually accompanied by loss of strength in the muscles.  In most cases, it tends to be rapid, with a return to consciousness after a few seconds or a few minutes. But as it can often lead to falls and, consequently, trauma, it should always be investigated and, if possible, treated.
o que pode ser um desmaio

Fainting itself is not a disease, but asymptom, which can occur in different situations. Most of the time it results from a hypoflow (decreased blood flow) in the brain and may be associated with benign events, not related to more serious diseases.


They can be the cause of fainting, brain diseases such asEpilepsy, or heart disease likearrhythmias,postural hypotension, and many others.

Stressful situations and strong emotions, closed or hot environments, use of some medications, can also predispose to fainting or the feeling of pre-fainting (or almost fainting), calledlipothymia.


Whenever  fainting for recurrent(when it occurs more than once), or is tooprolonged(lasting more than 10 minutes), or still accompanied by another symptom, such asfacial rhyme deviation(mouth turning crooked), orheadachevery strong, the patient must be taken to an emergency service, such as an emergency room, and subsequently the neurologist must be consulted.


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