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I have Alzheimer's and now?

Will haveAlzheimer's diseasedoes not necessarily mean evil. The disease currently has many treatments that, together with specific care and treatment of associated symptoms, can lead the patient to have a life close to normal and with few limitations.

Remove the old stigma from "Alzheimer's disease" it can be difficult  initially. But understanding the complexity of the disease and accepting it as a chronic disease, like many others,  which currently has multiple_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_treatments,  can provide the necessary support to understand the associated symptoms and ensure appropriate treatment.

In addition to the cognitive symptoms themselves, at some point in the disease, the patient may also present sleep disorders, eating disorders, hallucinations e changes in behavior. Some patients may become more angry, nervous and agitated and even aggressive. Many of these symptoms  can be treated, the response of which depends on each patient and must be constantly evaluated by a neurologist.

As with other neurodegenerative diseases, as the disease progresses  there may be difficulty eating  (dysphagia), with frequent choking, which can lead to recurrent pneumonia, weight loss, in addition to other infections, which should always be a reason for great attention.

As Alzheimer's Disease is aprogressive disease, the treatment also has to be dynamic. In this way, it is  essential to have regular follow-up with the doctor, so that the treatment can be constantly reassessed and the treatment is periodically reviewed.

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