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Tratamento de ansiedade em curitiba


Is anxiety normal?

Aanxietyit may be  a common and often normal reaction on de_cc781905-5cde-3194-bbd8_various situations. In routine episodes such as going to the doctor, undertaking a new activity or the prospect of a trip, anxiety can be a natural response from the body.

At various times, acceptable levels of anxiety can increase concentration and attention, improve blood flow to vital areas such as the brain, allowing for faster decision-making.
However, recurrent episodes  and high and persistent levels of anxiety can lead to severe impairment in daily activities.

tratamento de ansiedade em curitiba
how does anxiety happen?
Aanxietyit can manifest itself in the form of recurring concerns about a certain subject, or even appearing as a persistent fear or aversion to a certain situation, leading to phobias such as closed places, public speaking, etc.

These feelings often lead tophysical manifestations, with breathing alteration (sometimes with shortness of breath, or increased respiratory rate), increased blood pressure, palpitations, tingling in the hands and arms, dizziness and tinnitus, headache, sensation of esophageal globus (lump in the throat) and even chest pain.

These symptoms when they occur suddenly, associated with an anxiety disorder, we call itPanic Syndrome.

YoumedicinesMost used and most effective for the treatment of anxiety are drugs from the antidepressant class. It is not necessary that the patient also has depression in order to benefit from the treatment, but drugs generally have many uses, and many diseases have common causes and similar mechanisms.

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